Beginnings: Photography 101

I love to take photographs. I did much  pointing and shooting with my first digital camera. To get photos I was happy with I usually needed to take fifteen or more of the same subject! Then I began reading more about photography and was fortunate to upgrade to an even better camera last year. I am still learning how to use all the features. 

Everything I have read about photography says to use a tripod for effective photos. Today my brother gifted me with my first tripod. I now look forward to experimenting with different shots with this new tool. As I have mentioned many times, I live in a place that provides images of beauty each and every day. I live close to spectacular mountains, a scenic lake, woods that provide ample images for photos, and sunrises and sunsets that fill the sky with beauty.

As I begin this year, I have a goal of learning even more about photography. Before the new tripod today my brother gifted me with a book Why Photographs Work by George Barr for Christmas. I am already learning more about this favorite hobby.

The photo above was taken on Sherman Pass between Kettle Falls and Republic. 


  1. Beautiful photo! I don't take many pictures these days, but I do love my tripod. I've never had a very steady hand, and it really made a difference. I know you're going to love having one! Looking forward another year of your photos!

  2. Christy Woolum9.1.12

    Yes, I am looking forward to learning even more about my camera. I stopped and caught the photo on my way to jury duty last week.

  3. Rosemarie10.1.12

    Hi there Christy, I have a friend at our church that is SOOOO into Photography and has her own page on CNN which she posted photos regards to the devastating Joplin, MO tornado last year. If you would like I could hook you up with her. Great work by the way.


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