Beginnings: Life Unplugged

It was frutstrating during the thirty-six hours without the internet. I still don't know what caused the big outage in our area. It was also a blessing. I am undertaking a big redo,revise,repaint,redesign project that involves a makeover of the home office, cupboard reorganzation, a pantry move, and the taking down of all things holiday for another year. I am using green and brown as accent colors in the home office.... I think. I never know for sure until I see how it works!!

It was a productive day, but frustrating when I wanted to see pictures again of the room arrangement I liked online or wanted to see another idea on Pinterest for organization of a closet.I survived! Above I am creating a new craft corner in our "Annie Room". The dog graciously allowed me to have this beautiful, sunny corner to set up shop.


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