Beginnings: Creating a Space for Inspiration

"Space is important to writers. They need to carve out space and time to be creative. For many writers, where they create is as important to their process as the words they use to create the images and stories they tell." anon.

 I have a small guest room that I have turned into my home office. I thought I knew a few years ago how I wanted it to look.  I wanted books, files, craft supplies, tables, boxes, bulletin boards, candles, photos, and storage tubs shoved into this room.What has happened is the room is in chaos. It is much too busy. I am distracted by the "stuff". I am always trying to reorganize what I thought was an orgainzed room. The room above looks so clean and serene to me. That is what I am striving for.... I think.

I am to the point I hardly use my home office. I feel like Tina Fey in this American Express ad without a baby! One priority for me is to recreate this room. I want it pretty, yet peaceful. I want it organized, yet useful.


I want my own space for inspiration. I want a place to write, create, think, and write some more. Thanks to Pinterest I have found a few ideas. I don't want to spend much money, but want to reuse what I already have a freshen it up with paint or fabric. I am going to continue to research and plan. I did pick up paint samples yesterday

I am drawn to the room here. Both the rooms are from the blog decorologyhere.I don't know what draws me to these rooms. Perhaps the colors, the light, the clean lines, the orgainzation, the space. What works for you in your room design? Any ideas?      


  1. Shane Moffitt8.1.12

    I have pondered the same perplexing problem. My writing room started as a camp trailer. Which was adequate and functional until winter set in, then I was less than thrilled. Then.... you get the idea. Today, I write every day and most of it is done on my iPad2 while sitting in my recliner. My pugs agree with this arrangement because they are big believers in multi tasking (i.e. I serve as a dog bed while writing).

  2. Christy--I have the same dilemma. I was so excited when I moved here to AZ and had a nice little room to create a home office/writing space. In a year, it still is the room I only occasionally go to...but one of my new year's resolutions is to make it work. Literally. Once again, you are spurring me to get off my seat and do something! Thank you!

  3. I'm with you on redefining space! It's one of my top priorities right now. I'm tired of the excess. It seems to drag down my thought process, so I'm looking for a balance. I still want books and some pretty things around me, but not so much. I love the light look of that first photo. It looks so peaceful! I'm excited to see what you come up with for your space.

  4. Christy Woolum9.1.12

    Wow... it sounds like all of us are looking to change something. I do agree though that excess tends to bog all of us down. Let's see how we progress!!


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