Amaryllis: The Showstopper Flower of Winter

I don't know what I did or how I did it, but I am now successful with growing amaryllis. These are things I learned in growing them:

1. It doesn't matter if you order them from a fancy catalogue and pay high prices for them. The ones that did best for me were the 5.00 ones from the big box store.

2. It can't be about the quality of soil because all you do is add the peat moss that is in the box.

3. I did water them as instructed on the box. Maybe it is our well water?

4. Wood stove heat must be a key. Perhaps the warm all day, cool all night is what they like.

5. Light is crucial. Ours have sat in full light since they were placed in the pots.

6. Maybe they like getting their pictures taken. More photos.... more blooms!

I have now grown four this year to bloom stage and two more are about there.Those I bought after Christmas for 2.50. They will probably be as beautiful. Plan ahead next year and try them. They really are a foolproof plant in the winter and so pretty when the skies are gray.

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