Savoring the Season


The One Word Project at  Shutter Sisters in December is savor.  



Taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.


A characteristic taste, flavor, or smell, esp. a pleasant one.

This year I will savor each day of the holiday season. I want to capture images of the simple beauty of the season. I want to remember December and not look back in Janurary and ask myself where that month went. There are lots of "to do " lists, commitments, baking, and planning during December. I will attempt to savor many a taste, smell, and flavor. I started today as I unpacked decorations and felt overloaded.  I will take my time and remember why we celebrate Christmas. There is a reason for the season. No more feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, or ready for a meltdown. I want to just breathe and savor the season.

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