No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Today I am savoring the season by decking the halls, the fence, the porch, and anything else that isn't tacked down. I love to pull out the Christmas decorations and find old ones with memories, new ones I bough after Christmas last year, and ones that I didn't remember I had! The is no place like home for the holidays.

I love the lights on the fence

and a simple bowl of Christmas balls.

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  1. I'm such an awful blogger friend.. I hadn't even seen your new digs. NICE>
    And yes the Christmas hopes and dreams
    .. I'd love to go caroling and have my glasses fog up -- and sit in a quiet room and watch the lights sparkle in the little glass icicles on the tree
    and their reflection dance in the eyes of children ..
    I'd like to go to a Christmas Eve candlelight program and hear a beautiful carol played by a violin or a flute... and see an elderly couple hold hands
    and I'd like to wake up and know peace ~~~~


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