Why I Write: To Remember


I write to remember. Sometimes it is just a grocery list, a to-do list, or events on the calendar for the upcoming week. 

I wrote to remember how I felt when my first niece was born. I wrote to remember what I learned while doing a Master's degree. I wrote to make people laugh when I emceed an event. I wrote to tell my friend she meant the world to me.

I write to remember how important the act or words to paper or screen needs to be modeled for students. I write in a journal to remember what happened in a teaching day. I write to let parents  know what is going on in the classoom.

I also write to remember small moments. When my puppy came home, my older dog died, my mother got cancer, my friend moved away, we traveled to a beautiful campground, or I prepared a beautiful dinner.  I  remember when we saw swans on our sister trip to Walla Walla. i want to remember these small moments so I write them down.

Why do you write?

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