Why I Write: To Learn

When was the last time you learned something new? How did you remember it? Did you write it down? I am a teacher and I learn new things every day. Oftentimes I learn those things from my students. I have to write things down to keep them in my brain. I tell students the importance of taking notes and commenting on text is to learn. Not only to learn, but to keep it in the brain.

I went to a dynamic workshop last Thursday/Friday. He shared information about brain research and said we might remember 40% of what we learned when we walked out the door... unless we wrote it down. Then it would stick with us longer.  I took good notes, then tonight I retaught all that I learned to another person. The notes were the learning. Yes...I remembered most of it. Yes... I wrote and also learned. Above is the hallway leading to my classroom where we write to learn every day.

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