Nesting to Find Comfort

My friends over at Shutter Sisters asked all of us how we find comfort in the little things in life as the days grow shorter. In autumn I love to nest.  I love to bring out soft, warm throws for the furniture, spice scented candles for the mantle, and the last flowers from the garden for a bouquet. I love warm socks, fleece vests, and scarfs.

I also love to nest in the kitchen by creating warm, comforting desserts. Today I used up home canned applesauce in applesauce bread. Pears from the orchard went into a pear crisp. I find comfort in filling the freezer up with these autumn goodies so we can pull out a loaf to have with coffee on a cold, October morning. 

In our house nesting also involves warmth from fire. You may find us in our main living area with a fire warming us as we enjoy our morning coffee or tea. An outdoor fire is perfect for a sunny, autumn afternoon in the gazebo. Another stove is in our "Annie Room" where we can cozy up with the dogs and cats and read books or take a nap. 

I love my job teaching each day, but I also love the pleasure of coming home at the end of the day and nesting. Tomorrow I think I will add some autumn colors around the house to help celebrate my favorite season of the year.



  1. I was glad to hear from you again. Do you like squarespace? Is it very expensive and is it easy to format? I love the look of yours. I am so glad you stopped by.

  2. Christy Woolum23.10.11

    I do like Squarespace. It had a bit of a learning curve, but I wanted a better way to organize my blog. It isn't too spendy and they provide great tech support. Just take a tour. You can also try it for free.


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