The Best of the Seasons: Autumn

We have an ongoing debate about the best season at our house. As the first spring flowers burst out of the semi-frozen ground we love that season. When the air is full of the scent of lilacs, the sound of birds, and the feeling of warming sun, we love spring.

Then autumn creeps up. The air is cooler in the morning. The clouds form a beautiful morning sky.A fire feels so good in the evening. As the days grow shorter the leaves begin to put on their show. The air is filled with the smell of burning leaves and the last roses of the season. 

Hands down my favorite is autumn. My gardening year is slowing down. We can rest longer as we garden and take time to take a drive or sit by the fire. The cats begin to join us in the evening inside. It is heavy sock and sweater season.

Yes, I love autumn.

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