Summer In a Jar

 I remember glass Mason jars, a canner, and the smell of dill at Grandma Woolum's house. Jars full of pickles, relish, and green beans were wrapped carefully in old newspapers and packed in boxes for us to take home. Our family got to enjoy  those canned goods on special occasions. I don't remember learning to can. In my first house I had lots of grapes and bought a book and figured it out. I love to fill shelves with glass jars full of the summer's harvest. I enjoy giving jars of jam or pickles as gifts. On a cold, snowy day in January I love biting into a dill pickle preserved in September.

Today I made my Summer's End Pickle Mix. I just take whatever is ripe and mix it together. This mix today was zucchini, crookneck, green beans, cucumbers, and dill. I bought the peppers, garlic, and onion.


  1. I really like the thought of eating some of that pickled food. I think it might just be time to open another jar of pickled food you sent home with me.
    This new blog is fun and sharp looking.

  2. Christy Woolum20.9.11

    Thanks for the feedback on the blog. Everett is chomping at the bit to open one of these jars. I think they need to sit a bit first!


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