Sibling Assignment #151: God's Handiwork in the Cedar Grove

Again we are rolling with our sibling assignments. Raymond Pert assigned this one. "Write about a particular thing that happened on our Sibling Outing that was especially enjoyable.  If possible, include an image, but not required."
 On Saturday, August 27th we took a sibling outing that began in Kellogg and led us through Wallace, Avery, Calder, Clarkia, the shadowy St. Joe, the Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area, Fernwood, St. Maries, Medimont, Lane, Rose Lake, Cataldo and more places in between. SVG came up with the idea of going to Avery after a trip she made there a year ago. Good choice!
 The whole trip reminded me once again of the spectacular beauty of my home state of Idaho. It is hard to believe that after fifty-six years I continue to still find places in north Idaho that I had never discovered before. The whole day was just a blast as we laughed, remembered, reminisced,learned, relearned, laughed more, ate, talked, and snapped pictures. Yes, we always do snap pictures!
The most enjoyable time for me was finding the Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area at the top of a steep gravel road north of Clarkia. Being immersed in one of the most beautiful places in the inland empire and maybe even the Pacific northwest was humbling. Just realizing how long this grove had stood here was hard to believe. The trees were seedlings in 1492.
 Leaving the hot sun and dusty road we were enveloped by the cool air and darkness of the cedar grove. At first the only sound was my sister narrating the tour with notes she found at the start. As she taught me about the birds and animals my brother was catching image after image of the grove through the lens of his camera.
Later we located a creek that provided a soothing sound as we rested by a bench.
We also took some time to pose. We had plans to meet Mom for dinner or we may have stayed there even longer, just the three of us. It was a place we didn't need stories of our youth,laughter, or smart remarks. It was a place we could be in harmony with nature.
 As I meditated on the awesome beauty of God's handiwork, I also caught images with my camera.It was the best day.


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