The Tastes of Summer

When I was a child the tastes of summer were Popsicles, frozen Milk Shake Bars, Green Rivers, and lemonade. The tastes only changed when I visited Spokane or Orofino where grandmothers and family members had gardens. Then it was corn on the cob, green beans cooked in bacon, beets, fresh carrots, dill for pickles,and ice cream from the creamery.
As an adult I have acquired new tastes of summer, especially since we began gardening. Summer tastes like fresh picked green beans, a tomato off the vine, the first rhubarb in a pie, and steamed Swiss chard.

 It also tastes like fresh cherries, peaches, and apricots picked from the orchards close by.
Summer squash sauted in butter, radishes eaten cold, and cucumbers off the vine also say summer. I love this time of year and look forward to  harvest as the fruits of our labor continue to flourish.

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  1. I remember with salivation (: the first beets. Mom would thin them out, and we would have a "mess" of beet greens, many of them with a teeny baby beet on the end that would just melt in your mouth.

    I loved the zucchini -- mom never steamed them. She would dice them and then stir fry them (her term was fry) and yum yum yum.

    We ate all canned veggies from our garden during the winter - so that first fresh was something to crow about.


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