Tackling the Eyesore Gardens.... One Garden at a Time

  Do you have those parts of your yard, garden, or property that you might call an eyesore ? We have a few of them, but today we tackled a big one. Once upon a time we created a iris garden on the east part of our house. It was lovely at first. Then the iris stopped blooming, the huge pine by the garden sucks out all the water, and weeds started to grow. We have talked about doing something about if for over a year.
 Today JEJ tackled the garden. He dug up the irises and weeds.

 I divided about a hundred irises into two hundred irises. Perhaps not quite that much, but it seemed like a lot.
 JEJ cleaned up the bed and put a new border around it. We will move yarrow plants in the fall. Yarrow can grow anywhere!!

Now I have my work cut out for me. Deciding where to put these plants and when to do it!!

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