Pure Joy

When was the last time you experienced pure joy? When was the last time you slowed down enough to experience pure joy. I think joy hides in our lives and often we miss it because we are too busy, too tired, too absorbed in something else, or too unaware.
 When I spent time with my great niece and nephew last week-end I watched pure joy. Jack feels pure joy as he is held by my niece and his mother Adrienne ( in the photo at the top).  I think both my sister and Jack felt joy in the photo above. I am not around small children very often. I need to be. They reminded me that pure joy can be found in

 Dora the Explorer on a real TV,

a new swimsuit from grandma,
 having fun with a new red ball,

Olivia helping out her cousin Jack,

learning to open the gate,

and discovering what a clothesline is for. It is all joy.... pure joy!


  1. They are loving you and your property as well.. So cute and definitely pure joy !!

  2. What a lovely family. I agree...children are the personification of pure joy.

  3. I had joy while looking at your photos.. I could see the joy in the faces.. I could sense the joy in your words.

    Loved this so much.


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