Harvest Day at the Orchard and the Garden

Our first harvest today came from the Sherman Creek Orchard up the road. For someone that loves cherries and loves to bake I can't believe I had never made a fresh cherry pie.

Well... I did today.
 We enjoyed it so much I believe I will go pick up some more pie cherries tomorrow to freeze.

When I got out the Betty Crocker cookbook I remembered so well this picture of the cherry pie from my childhood. I always wanted to make this pie to celebrate George Washington's birthday, but today I didn't add any hatchets! My pie wasn't so red either.
Of course you can't come home from the orchard without fresh Bing cherries. I just wish the delectable fruit could last all summer, but then I suppose we would all be sick of them.
I also harvested food for dinner this evening. Our peas have grown very slowly, but I found  enough for the two of us. When you have Bright Lights Swiss chard you almost hate to harvest the leaves because the colors are so striking. They even look striking on the plate.
The students at school raised a new kind of spinach in the greenhouse. I purchased some plants at school and we had our first taste of it tonight. It is a delicious type of spinach and is doing well in warmer weather. I will have to find out the name. I look forward to many more harvests as the growing season moves into full swing.


  1. the cherry crop here in the valley was 60% (can't remember if that was of normal or loss .. hnmm)
    and they weren't very good. I missed that delicious "POP" of sweet juicy delight when I bit into them.

  2. (60% of normal crop, or 60% less)

  3. nothin like the fresh harvest. I have 2 kinds of cherries I must tackle


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