Creating a Retreat

When I first purchased my house I was in need of a retreat. I had struggled through a dark time in my life and I remember the day I first saw my house I knew if would be a place to heal. I began at that time thinking about how I could surround myself with all the things I love so I would have a place to rest and restore myself.
Meeting JEJ while he lived right across the road was not in my plans, but it sure did work out! He saw my vision of what I wanted to create. If you visited here often you know he is the vegetable planter and I am the flower girl. 
Slowly our place began to take shape. We planted trees, flowers, and vegetables. JEJ created furniture from the wood around the area. We added some water features and outdoor lights, and JEJ built the best spot on the property... the gazebo. Sometimes we didn't have enough water. Other times we needed to amend the soil. Plants died and plants grew too large.
Somewhere along the way I forgot that this was my retreat. I would try to take time to enjoy what we had created, but often in the summer I was racing out of town or getting us ready for camping, or grumbling as I deadheaded and weeded.
My sister told me once she loved to come and relax at my house. My friend Tracy just spent five days here and felt refreshed and energized when she left. I think we created that retreat I yearned for fourteen years ago. I am working hard myself at taking the time to see my own place, rest among the flowers, sit and smell the mock orange, and forget about the deadheading, weeding, and fertilizing that will get done someday.
I can thank my husband first for always making me stop and notice the beauty around me ( even straw bales... right honey?) I can also be grateful to my camera. I now have a long history captured in images of where I started, where we've gone, and what we have created.
I think I will grab a cool drink and sit and reflect. I have found peace here and have slowly healed. Tracy said I am more centered now. I believe dreaming, planning, creating,working the soil, and harvesting has helped me become more centered.
I am not even looking at those weeds in the far corner. They will wait for another day.


  1. I too feel I did a lot of healing here though now it is falling apart- love your secretive magical places don't ever stop and I know your pets love it too Sandy

  2. Lovely. Our homes should be our retreats and sanctuary. Bravo for achieving it with yours.

  3. You are in such a good place in your life. I'm glad you recognize that and are making time to enjoy it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again--I don't know how you can ever tear yourself away from your home. It's a sanctuary both inside and out with so many eye-catching delights that one can never be bored. Fun to reap the benefits of all of your hard work--the internal you as well as your environment.


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