Vegetable Garden Beauty Revisited

"As a gardener, I'm among those who believe that much of the 
evidence of God's existence has been planted. " ~Robert Brault

On June 11th I illustrated garden vegetable beauty with the post here. 
After being gone four days I am stunned at the changes and new beauty in the vegetable garden. Some long, sunny days and sufficient water can change plants in a very short time.  Carrots from last year reseeded creating this lovely bloom.
 The dill is giving the signal that it is pickle time. The beans are climbing up the poles.
 Finally, tiny tomatoes.
 We'll have peas for supper tomorrow. 

The spinach grown in the school greenhouse is about ready to sample. Yes, God reminds us every day of his glory in flower beds, but God also leads us to the garden of vegetables to show his handiwork.  A vegetable garden creates another type of beauty.... a beauty that shows persistence, growth, and sustainability.

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  1. Our neighbor has some wonderful stuff ... which he had in his green house

    My garden is FINALLY giving me some zucchini
    But I didn't plant lettuce or other greens. Just didn't get done.


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