Ten Reasons Why I Love Heyburn State Park

I am not one of these jump in the car and hope to find a campsite miles and miles away kind of person. I am a researcher and planner when it comes to camping. I am a big fan of online campground reservation sites.  We just returned from Heyburn State Park, my favorite campground in Idaho. As I sat and enjoyed the peaceful setting I reflected one again on why I loved it so much, other than the fact that I can reserve the site and see a photo of it online before I even get there. Here are some of my reasons:

1. The sites are roomy and you have some privacy. I never feel like I am side by side with the campers next to me.
 2. The trails around the lake and the marsh are easy to manage and full of photo opportunities.
 3. There are enough squirrels to satisfy Annie's obsession.
4. It is safe, clean, and well maintained.
5. If you have to get a few comforts of home.... lattes, Zips, ice, and an ATM are ten minutes away.
 6. At this end of Coeur d'Alene Lake (known as Chacolet) it is quiet and scenic.
 7. You can see the sun rise and the sun set from most locations in the park. This was perfect since we visited on the Summer Soltice.
 8. There are lots of wildflowers.
 9. You can enjoy some of the oldest Ponderosa Pines around the Inland Empire.
10.When you gather around the table while camping food just tastes better, beverages from the cooler are more refreshing, and coffee and tea just hit the spot on a crisp morning. I think that is true of any campground!

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