Observing the Unexpected: Lessons Learned on a Garden Tour

 I'm a planner and an organizer. I can do all the planning and organizing possible in the process of gardening, but unexpected things just happen in the course of the growing season. Weather changes, soil, birds, pets, and Mother Nature, and our human hands have changed the landscape of our garden plots. While doing my daily photo walk yesterday I was struck by the unexpected changes. In the photo above I discovered it was okay to let the bishop's weed take over and fill the front bed. The variegated color provides interest and fills in empty places. 
Hops have been a surprise success as a vine planted to add color and cover an unsightly pole.
 I learned our trees could provide shade much sooner than planned. I now embrace the coolness in the early evening on the porch.
We can even grow fuchsias now in one of the shadier areas.
The guest cabin looks like it has always been there thanks to the Virginia Creeper, a warrior vine that twines the door, creating a natural roof to welcome our guests.
Leaving the wildflowers alone from the driveway to the road was a lesson I learned. It has allowed the wild lupines and yarrow to spread naturally. The combination of colors in the evening sun are lovely.
It I stop my lists, put away the blueprints and close my gardening books I learn lessons from our gardens. I need to pause, listen, observe, and be present. I have a feeling there is more of nature's wisdom in unexpected places.


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  2. The natural look - perfect colors so peaceful

  3. This is a terrific reminder to be open to the lessons our environment can teach us. You laid the groundwork for a terrific classroom in which sometimes you are the patient teacher with unruly pupils and sometimes the eager student.

  4. We just keep learning! Great examples and photos of your 'summer' place.
    p.s. Love your blog's look.
    Hope your summer is wonderful.


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