The Best Solution for Weeds

 There is a section of ground behind our deck that has been a thorn in my side since I moved in the house. For about fourteen years I have struggled with what to do with it. I am blessed with a lovely view, a hedge of gorgeous roses, the vines above, but then behind it all is the dreadful weed bed.
  When I lived in the house alone my brother RP pulled all the weeds once and I tried broadcasting wildflowers. Not even California poppies would grow on this strip of land. After JEJ and I were married we tried weed barrier, bark, and planting ground covers like sedum that wouldn't require much water and would spread and look lovely. The barrier wasn't a barrier, the bark slid down the hill, and half the sedum  died. How do you kill sedum?
The weedeater was a temporary fix! After all the rain this spring I couldn't even see the bark that was left on the growing weed bed.
 The bed right above the very large weed patch was planted by the first owners and it is lovely and the weeds are completely in control.
FInally JEJ figured out the solution. He is moving the fence forward, painting the pickets a lovely color of blue, and hiding that whole weed patch so we never have to see it again. It can blend it with the "natural" hillside that will be out of sight out of mind! He can't get that fence up soon enough!
I didn't even have to use chemicals!


  1. That is a wonderful solution!

    Have you ever wondered why "weeds" are called "weeds"? What makes a "weed" a "weed"? Years ago my mother gave me a start of a beautiful buttercup plant. It is so beautiful in the spring, but it spreads and spreads. She warned me that it could become a weed, and it did. After this years beautiful profusion of blossoms, I have doused the flowerbed in weed killer and I'm starting over. I wonder if any of the buttercups will make it through to the new bed?


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