Strawbale Gardening: A New Project!

We have an area close to our potato patch that needs a border. We really didn't want another fence. JEJ had already worked overtime on rock borders so I didn't suggest that. What I did come up with was a row of straw bales. The dogs liked the idea.
I saw an article on doing straw bale gardens and thought it would be fun to fill the bales with flowers that would cascade down the newly formed border. The bales were cheap, they will add structure to the garden, and there will be more beautiful color as the summer progresses.
Recently the bales have been a source of hunting for all our four-legged friends. I think some mice may have come with the bales from the feedstore.

 If you want to see how to make straw bale gardens that look like this, go to :


  1. This is so very cool- very little straw here but I can look and enjoy sandy

  2. That is a great idea. I look forward to seeing pictures later in the season.

  3. Love It and the pets. We have a cattle dog too!


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