Plate to Pixel: Lessons In Food Photography

I love to study food photography in cookbooks, magazines, and online. Tartelette has always been one of my favorite foodie blogs. Helene Dujardin's photography is exquisite and she inspires new ideas for cooking and styling.
 What I have learned in my own experimentation is that food photography isn't easy. It is hard to make that slice of apple pie look as yummy as it does in the magazine spread. My  pares in a bowl don't look as artistic as the cover of the book.
 I just finished reading Dujardin's new book Plate to Pixel: Digital Photography and Styling. Below I have posted a collection of food photos from my practice sessions. Take time to visit her blog Tartelette. You can find it here.
Dujardin suggests showing ingredients or steps to making a recipe.
 She suggests looking at coordinating colors. Mom's Fiestaware works well for that! Other things I tried were
going simple by squeezing a lemon,
paid attention to outdoor light,

natural indoor light,
and the rule of thirds.

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  1. I too discovered that taking pictures of food, and making it look yummy, is very difficult!! Your photos look super in your practice session!! Kristy


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