The Greenhouse Move: Maybe Soon?

When I took a tour of the greenhouse this afternoon I loved photographing the plants and flowers that had sustained through the long winter and spring.
 I think these plants are ready to go back out to the outdoors. I am thinking that maybe soon, but not too soon. The Kenworthy Ivy is blooming! Mother Nature is still messing with our weather I do believe!
The plants I propagated are growing nicely.
The geraniums look ready for planters. Hurry sun!


  1. Your geraniums are looking lovely! I love the colors of their blossoms.

    This winter I saved over a scented geranium. It has grown to be quite large and is now blooming. I still have it inside, though. I am simply not trusting the weather (although we actually reached 70 degrees today --- but it was just a few nights ago that the wind machines were whirring yet).

  2. I, too, love those geraniums.

  3. Lovely! I think I need some lessons from you, though.


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