Kindred Spirits

Isabelle and Kit were both rescued kittens. Isabelle and her brother Lucas has been left out in the national forest and a couple brought the whole litter home. We adopted them from an ad in the paper. Kit was found by our dogs in our tree. He was sick and needed attention. He decided to stay. When Isabelle lost her brother Lucas to feline leukemia Kit replaced him as her kindred spirit. I was so happy I had my camera close to get the series.
 Kit has a secret about where the mice are!
 Isabelle is a good friend to groom those hard to reach places.
 He returns the favor.
 Eskimo kissing
Perhaps cats can really fall in love. Instead of kindred spirits, maybe they are mated for life!

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  1. They look SO content! The pictures are so warm and inviting --- such a nice place to be on a chilly day.


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