A Garden Room

 In the winter when the weather is freezing and snow blankets the gardens I like to do decorating in the house. When the sun comes out like it did today I like to begin redoing garden rooms. My rooms may be in a corner between fences, a shady spot behind the greenhouse, or the middle of the wedding garden.
 Today I worked on the Lucy Garden. This garden is in memory of my dog Lucy. It is where she is buried. It is an area behind the gazebo that used to be empty. When we buried Lucy there we began to add plants.
Last summer we redid the Lucy Garden into a BBQ eating area. Today I added even more.
 Grayson was my assistant.
 We decided tonight as we rested and watched the sun go behind the trees that this could be one of our favorite spots around the place.


  1. The Lucy Garden is so special. Today, the pretty green umbrella could keep the wet at a distance. :) It's going to be a good summer.

  2. Great idea this garden room!
    Hope I could have one like this in the Buenos Aires apartments where I live...
    I can imagine my self studying there


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