Concerto for Early Spring: An Original Abecedian Poem

"An abecedarian poem is a special form of an acrostic poem, in which the initial letters of the words beginning each line or stanza spell out the alphabet in order.
Psalm 119 is one of the earliest famous abecedarian poems, the song arranged in sections according to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, each of which is featured in its own section. Geoffrey Chaucer’s “An ABC” is an abecedarian poem based on his translation of a prayer to the Virgin Mary in Guillaume de Deguileville’s allegorical poem Pèlerinage de la Vie Humaine (Pilgrimage of Human Life)."
This form of poetry is very fun to try. Here is one I wrote.

 Concerto for Early Spring
After winter
Bulbs began to awaken
Crocus do the maiden voyage
Despite the snow.
Ever hardy daffodils emerge,
Forsythias' buds begin to swell
Giving us hope for early spring.
How long before we till the earth?
Ice still covers the pond,
Just a bit of snow remaining in the garden plot,
Knowing birds are now being sighted,
Longer days begin,
Morning sun has shifted,
Nests will soon be constructed
Over the wedding garden.
Presiding over the concerto the
Quail quickly cross the road,
Robins look for worms,
Starlings return to their same house
Too high to tempt the cats.
Until this season arrives
Very soon I hope
We'll sit by the fire
X-tremely excited for a change while
Yearning for shades of yellow and green
Zigzagging through the yard.

by inlandempiregirl
 Christy Woolum

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