Celebrating National Poetry Month: Nasturtium

                                       a nasturtium that has bloomed all winter in the greenhouse


is a ring of simple petals
in a single o of surprise as if saying,
this is not what I expected.
is color in one shade that doesn't flinch
but meets what fate hands out,
the slender stem broken and placed
in clear water in clear glass,
so that there are no more days outside
near round-faced green petals, and
there are no bees and no seeds to
form, and the earth that seemed
so certain always right below is gone,
and all it seems to say is I see with my
one way of seeing that I will live what life
I have left in someone else's house.

by Gigi Marks Cairn

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  1. I love nasturtiums! How special that you had one bloom all winter long. Thank you for sharing the poem. It's lovely.


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