Celebrating National Poetry Month: The First Green of Spring

 I have to admit... I don't eat the first green of spring, but I like to see that color again!
The First Green of Spring

Out walking in the swamp picking cowslip, march marigold,
this sweet first green of spring. Now sauteed in a pan melting
to a deeper green than ever they were alive, this green, this life,

harbinger of things to come. Now we sit at the table munching
on this message from the dawn which says we and the world
are alive again today, and this is the world's birthday. And
even though we know we are growing old, we are dying, we
will never be young again, we also know we're still right here
now, today, and, my oh my! don't these greens taste good.
-David Budbill


  1. Love the poem! I sometimes DO eat the first green of spring. And my sister --- oh my --- she really does! When we were college age, we taught kids at a summer camp in Idaho. Sis was in charge of the nature cabin. She had the campers eating all sorts of greens from the woods!!!

  2. be still my heart my favorites in wildflowers sandy

  3. I still need to try some "wild" greens. Yes, i beati... I loved the wildflowers.


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