White on White

Those dumb snows are still hiding inside clouds at our house... and coming out of hiding and falling to the ground!


 White on White

   Rug dropped sugar,
fresh, wet iris on marble dresser,
the chopping of combers under cold sun,
   rain-faded boards of proud, paint-
      poor churches, great

      dumb snows hiding
inside clouds hidden inside sky. Bring
two together and we see the old lot
   of language to ledger tint
      from tone, hint from
      whisper (not quite
sauterne, closer to crisper champagne);
to cite complement, how as a snail stains
   a cement path, the pearled trace
      kindles in light.


  1. I know you must be tired of snow by now, but it sure is beautiful. I think the blue skies help!

  2. I sure miss you! I wish you were with us in Spokane - there were 6 of our group here today!!!

    Hope to run into you soon! Maybe we should schedule a lunch or coffee at the Market?

    Hope your husband and four-legged critters are well and warm!!!

    Hugs -


  3. IEG: I know I have said it before...and I guess I will have to keep on saying it if you keep it up. What a GREAT photograph!


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