SIbling Assignment #149: Vases

I gave the third of our sibling assignments with photography. " Create a collection...choose something that is easily accessible: soup bowls,cell phones, sofas, chairs, vases...whatever. Create a series of photographs on the collection all photographed the same way. Put them into a collage or a frame together. Write about the experience."

When I scrounge around yard sales and thrift stores I am always looking for vases for my vast collection. I particularly look for different sizes since the fresh cut flowers from my garden can have very short stems to long, long stems. A few of these vases have been gifts from people that know what I love! I also enjoy using unique canning jars for vases. They hold lots of flowers and with a little raffia around the neck, provide a bit of country charm. Old teapots and pitchers are also favorite vessels to hold flowers. The possibilities are endless. Today I photographed most of these vases on the piano shelf. The dark background worked well for most. The others moved to the window so the light could illuminate the blue and green.


  1. oh dear.. that one vase reminds me oddly of a portable urinal.. ha ha

    I have a photo of my great grandmother's favorite vase.

    It looked like a shoe (a popular high anke laced boot popular at the time)

  2. Another thing we have in common. I have way too many. I used more when I was working and took bouquets to work. I can't wait to fill some with my flowers instead of Costco's!


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