Sibling Assignment #148: Surprise!

 Here is the sibling photo assignment I gave for the week: "Pick a theme like simplicity, serernity, happiness, or another theme word. Go for a walk and only take pictures that fit into your theme. Create a set of ten photographs and write about the theme. " I will link the siblings' posts when they are complete.
 Today I picked the theme of surprise and as I did a walk through our greenhouse I was constantly surprised. Even though the greenhouse is a favorite place of mine I don't often spend as much time as I would like there. Today I did. The vivid red color of these blooms surprised me.
 As I did the walk I noticed what plants were doing this month. Some were still blooming. Many needed deadheading. I was surprised by the deep, rich color of this Martha Washington geranium.
 Other plants needed to be pinched back. I was surprised by the size of the blooms on  this plant. 
Another thing I accomplished while taking photos was to propagate plants. Geraniums are an easy plant to propagate. Each year I try to find new plants that are unique because of leaf or bloom color. The next year I propagate them. I also love scented geraniums. You can never have enough of those. I was surprised how well the variegated plants did over the winter.
 It was fun to putter in the greenhouse. I enjoyed cleaning clay pots with lovely music playing in my ears. I was again surprised at how many empty clay pots I found that I can now fill! The sun was streaming in. Lily, one of our many cats, joined me for awhile. I had hoped Annie would keep me company when she wanted in, but she didn't last long either.

 I did an inventory of tools and relocated a few lost ones. That is always a surprise! I also found the Cougar Gold Cheese tins that I use as saucers for my plants. It was fun to dig those out again.
When I turned plants around that had been facing the window, I was surprised over and over again by the beauty of the blooms. The blooms on this white geranium were showstoppers.
 It was a lovely way to spend a big chunk of the day, plus I felt like I accomplished something!

I was surprised when I checked the clock and it was past five o'clock. I plan to return tomorrow and enjoy more time in one of my favorite places.

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  1. I could smell those geraniums. I swear it.


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