In a Word: Bouquet

 "More than anything, I must have flowers always, always." -Claude Monet

At some point in my adult life I began a tradition of having a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase somewhere in the house as often as I could. When I lived in a larger town it was always much easier to find a bouquet on the way home from shopping. When I moved to a rural area this became a challenge.
I then began to raise flowers so I could create bouquets from April through early November. I have coordinated colors, textures, vases, fillers, and had more fun creating bouquets. I think I love to photograph them as much as creating them. 
 Then comes the time between the last frost and the first daffodils. The time I have to rely on flowers that are purchased. I am fortunate that stores thirty minutes away carry lovely flowers, but bouquets from the store sometimes don't smell as nice. They often don't last as long. However, they do provide that simple beauty that makes me smile each time I look at the latest arrangement.

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