In a Word: Anticipation

 It is hard to imagine going camping when we awoke to the sky again covered with clouds and fresh snow on the ground. In the late afternoon the snow melted, the gray clouds lifted and we were once again treated to a spring-like afternoon. I am now anticipating a spring camping trip.
We stopped at Kettle Falls Campground on Lake Roosevelt to let the dogs run. As expected,the campground was almost empty. Some slots were still covered with patches of snow.

Some slots looked ready to greet campers. There was a sense of anticipation today as I wandered around with my camera in hand. The amphitheater seats looked ready to be filled. The swing was ready for a child to jump aboard. The picnic table was waiting for a family to spread out a picnic.
Our dogs were anticipating what critters they would find in the dirt, what fish may be waiting on the shore, and how many new smells they could enjoy during their run.
I also snapped some shots of JEJ, the picturesque trees, and the lake shimmering in the late afternoon sun.


  1. IEG: I admire your abilities with the camera! JEJ, well, he looks like a man I would enjoy talking with. Best regards.

  2. Thanks GF, but I am surrounded by places that make it easy to experiment with my camera. Yes... you would enjoy JEJ.


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