Easing Into Gardening

One way I ease into the gardening season is by immersing myself in garden reading. Between magazines, books, and online sources there are more reference materials than I could read in a lifetime. I need lots of reading and thinking time as I study the bare bones of the garden this time of year and take notes. What worked last year? What needs to be moved? What didn't grow well because of soil? What didn't grow well because of light? What was our biggest success? Failure?
Gardening is an ongoing gamble. There are so many variables that come into play such as winter weather, late frosts, soil changes, plants that weren't hardy, and winter kill. There is also that challenge of remembering what bulbs we planted last fall, what color they are, and where!
I try to do color schemes in the garden each year in my planters and pots. I have been pleased with many of the combination I have tried in the past. Right now I am leaning toward a red theme with some blue and purple accents. Doesn't that sound lovely?
I am also trying to figure out what needs to be moved and what needs to be divided. As I read more magazines, study more photos, read more books, and do more thinking the garden plans keep forming in my mind. Don't tell my husband I mentioned moving any plant. He runs away when he hears that!

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