Top Ten Reasons Why Frigid Weather Is A Good Thing

10. I discovered you can make hummingbird slushies in the feeder I forgot to empty in the fall.
9. It makes the hot morning coffee taste better.
 8. It is easy to perserve kitten footprints for photo ops.
7. No mud.
6. We can always find Annie.
5. There is something to look forward to when you get up in the middle of the night... reading the thermometer or stoking up the fire.
 4. The cats are also easy to find.
3. No mosquitoes.
 2.It makes me appreciate the greenhouse.
1.I have a good excuse to curl up under a blanket with a good book and keep warm.


  1. Good list, but I'm glad Spring has arrived already over here! I love the photo of your cat, what an expression!

  2. It's good to think positively :) Looks like you have your fair share of snow over there too. It's been a very long, snowy winter.
    Thanks for the sweet comment. It's always lovely to hear from you.
    I visited your blog briefly last night but was too tired to comment, so it was a nice surprise to hear from you today.
    I loved your previous post too.
    Yes, spring will come :)

  3. Hi Crafty... yes, that is our new cat Junebug. She loves to pose for photos.
    Hi Kerri... It has been a long winter. I look forward to new spring photos at your blog when we see the sunshine and lose the snow!

  4. these really are lovely reasons. and i am deep in winter still!


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