A Few Reasons I Thought Spring Was Coming

 I saw a robin last week. I hope he had a parka hidden away for the snowfall we had last night.
The hummingbird nectar that should have been dumped in the fall thawed out and is all ready for the spring birds.
 We gave Annie a haircut. Dogs hair is ready to cut in the spring. Poor Annie will need a sweater if this keeps up.
The dogs and cats were tracking mud into the house.
My coat needs dry cleaning and... I am tired of hat hair,chapped lips, and dry hands.
The egg tree has been put out and the house is in need of spring cleaning.

Old Man Winter... you are beautiful, but you have really worn out your welcome.


  1. I'm ready... for spring.

  2. I thought that Spring was here last week, but lo and behold, Old Man Winter got the last laugh.

  3. Me Too Pamela!
    Cedar... Mother Nature tricked us again.


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