Sibling Assignment #146: "Travel Without Traveling"

I gave the next series of sibling assignments which were taken from the book Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig.
"Travel Without Traveling" Without going more than 15 miles, set out to photograph your geographic context like it has never been photographed before. Imagine you are a foreigner and only have a short time to capture what captivates you. Create a set of photos. Share your photos with writing about your geographic context. I will connect my siblings' posts here. (Most of these photos were taken on the Nostalgia setting.)

OId Kettle Falls : Remembering Another Time, A Different Place
I spent time yesterday visiting what the locals call "Old Kettle".  When you visit this site today the land is redesigned for day use picnics and gatherings.
 One part is called The Locust Grove because the giant fragrant trees remain, surrounded by covered picnic areas, barbecue pits, and green grass.
 I imagined the place as winter in the early 1900s. The resort town was snowbound. The grand hotel was probably empty. People were  having a difficult time getting through the snow and keeping warm. It was ten degrees and the wind was blowing. One snow covered step remains. These are questions I would ask.
Did they walk to the nearest town?
 Did they even venture out toward the water in the freezing weather?
 Did they find beauty in the stark landscape?
 Did they realize that this place where the Colville River drained into the Columbia River would all soon be different?
Did they realize the building of the Grand Coulee Dam would change the landscape and add another reason they had to move and establish a new town? 
Could they imagine roads being built?
A railroad that was closer
and a bridge that spanned a much larger lake that buried their beloved falls?

Today I can enjoy the beauty of Lake Roosevelt, but also mourn their loss of a town, the falls, the gathering spot for fishing, and life as it was.


  1. Brilliant. Great use of the nostalgia setting and the faceless portraits of Everett are really good. I'd love to see these photos in an even larger format. Great job.

  2. What Bill said.

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