Sibling Assignment #145: Photos, Flowers, and Food

Silver Valley Girl gave this last assignment for January. We are all just a bit behind. "What are some things you are looking forward to in the year ahead?" I am never one to make New Year's resolutions, but I do like to set goals to begin, keep going, or complete projects.  These are some of those projects I am looking forward to working on this year.
I want to challenge myself in photography. I carry my camera everywhere and am constantly taking photos of the world around me, but I want to challenge myself to do more difficult things with my camera. I also want to challenge myself to take more photos of people.
 The dogs and cats aren't getting tired of always posing, but I want to work on other live subjects!
I also want to challenge myself in my gardens. I will have more time at home this summer and I look forward to trying to grow some new flowers, planting cut flowers again from seed, and reorganizing some other groups of plants to create areas that are newer and fresher.

 ( JEJ's brow just broke out in a sweat picturing moving days in our garden.... I make the plans, he digs!)

I want to finish my book that started with a memoir piece at a writing retreat before this blog started. I titled the book "Gathering Around the Table" which ended up here also. I have collected the recipes, I have written many of the memoir pieces, I have researched self-publishing, and even read about the copy writing of recipes recently. It is now just putting it all together.
This year holds much promise, and I feel some to-do lists already forming in my head as I start mapping out these projects.


  1. It sounds like you have a rewarding year ahead.

  2. I want to spend more time in the garden... we will see.


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