Annie: My Own Brown Eyes


In early youth I made a vow
That if to Cupid I should bow,
The one for whom he aimed the dart
At my desired, unclaimed heart,
Must have brown eyes; large, soft brown eyes.
Time came when eyes looked into mine;
Large, soft brown eyes that seemed to shine
With intellect. Did I succumb?
Oh yes! for though the lips were dumb,
Those lovely eyes I deemed a prize.
Within their depths devotion shone,
And as they gazed into my own,
They seemed to say, "My love is thine.
Please let me know that I have thine."
And Oh! I knew his heart was true.
My arms his snowy neck entwined,
And I rejoiced a love to find
So worshipful, so constant, true.
How oft they've thrilled me through and through,
My collie's wise, large, soft brown eyes!

by Mrs.S.L.Dempsey 
 ( although mine is a springer spaniel, I still love the poem)


  1. so neat especially today - looking for something unusual

  2. just the other day my husband said that he had been jealous of my dog -- maybe that is why he never wanted me to get another one?


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