Variations on a Theme: Collections

My mom loves collections. She collects copper, plants, snowmen, angels, spoons, mugs, and antique kitchen items. You could spend hours studying the collections just on the kitchen walls. My husband's favorite line when he sits at the back part of the kitchen table to eat is "Be sure to wear your hard hat." Unfortunately a few sharp and heavy items have fallen on his head during dinner.


  1. Okay... crying... Could be because Danny Boy by Eva Cassidy is playing... could be that the photos of your mom's place remind me so much of my mom's home. She collected all kinds of stuff too! I don't remember anyone getting hit in the head, but tripping... yes! Thanks for sharing your special photos!

  2. I love all your mom's collections! She reminds me of my own mother! Stepping into my mom's house was like visiting a vintage shop.

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  3. wow...... your mums collections are beautiful.... oh how I would love to touch and see them for real..



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