Scary Santas and More Scary Santas

 A couple of years ago I got this Santa that was an ornament or he was hanging on a gift. After having him watch me that holiday season he creeped me out. My nieces felt the same way I did and we named him Scary Santa. Scary Santa showed up all the time. He was found it somebody's bed when they came to stay, hanging in a tent at a reunion, grinning from the sparkling cider on Christmas Eve, and just being where you least expected him. Even though he creeped us out he always made us laugh. This is him above. He just looks happy.
On Christmas Eve I got the surprise of my life. Two of my nieces The Princess and Z2 went on a shopping adventure in seach of Scary Santas. You can imagine my surprise when I opened all of these:

You can imagine how scary it could be when we put them all together with Sharp Pointed Santa:
 Oh dear.......look out for falling Santa.
They are a bit like clowns...they look happy until you look closer. When they are hanging out as a group it is a bit creepy. They have all found a nice shelf above my head to greet people. Thanks again P and Z. Great gifts and great laughs.

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  1. Oh, what wonderful nieces you have! All the Santas really have a scary, clown-like quality. What a fun family tradition! Creating great, although creepy, memories! LOL! I loved this post!


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