November 1st: I Am Thankful for Autumn

 SInce moving to northeastern Washington state autumn has always been my favorite season. Who doesn't love tamaracks turning yellow on the mountainsides, apples ripe and ready to pick, and cats moving inside more to sit by the fire? It is the season that calls out for wool socks, flannel sheets, and fleece vests.
We have had an overabundance of rain this autumn, but it hasn't stopped the autumn colors from reining triumphant.  I almost think the rain makes the colors in the garden more vivid. I tromped around today in the pouring rain to catch these images.

NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month

I love it when November rolls around so I can discipline myself to blog each day. My blog has not been as much a part of my daily routine so now I am determined to make it once again part of that routine. Writing is all about routines, making time, and keeping with it. Some days it is more about quantity than quality. It is also about recording the events of your life. Thank goodness I have my blog to return to when I can't remember something. Between myself and my siblings we can fill in any "vaguetime" moments when it comes to family events.