Sibling Assignment # 139 "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas:"

I gave another holiday sibling assignment this week. " What movie most connects you to Christmas?" You can click here on my sister's post to see we think exactly alike on this assignment and RP will post soon.
Before viewers could tape shows, buy the movie, stream them into your computer, or have them mailed to your house you had one time in a Christmas season to see a favorite show. That was it. Somehow we always seemed to be home on the night "White Christmas" was on. We saw it many times. Dad and Grandma Woolum loved Bing Crosby and his connection to Spokane and Gonzaga. He was one of those " we are not worthy" actor/singers that Dad would have called " a class act". It helped that Dad enjoyed the actor, the song and the movie otherwise when the movie came on that one time we may have had to compete with Bonanza, Gunsmoke, or Dean Martin.
I remember waiting for it, seeing it together, singing "White Christmas" and "Sisters", and loving the plan with all the servicemen to come to the place in Vermont.

One year it must not have been so popular. I remember I was older and had come home for Christmas break. It was on really late at night. I was up by myself and enjoyed other parts of the movie like " Counting Your Blessings Instead of Sheep". I paid more attention to the relationships play out throughout the movie.

I had a VHS copy for years and began a tradition of watching it while baking Christmas treats. Now I own my own DVD so I can watch this movie anytime, anywhere. Somehow the magic of the show is not the same watching it alone in August at 10:00 in the morning.
I love viewing this movie close to Christmas with snow on the ground and a hot Christmas drink in my hand.

Here is post from the archives of my blog on White Christmas. I think it better get my copy out. I have snow, it is close to Christmas, and I could find a hot Christmas drink!

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  1. I always adore this old movie at christmas.Hope you have a Wonderful Holiday.


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