Hello... My Name is William

I know I am not one of the cute kittens that gets top billing these days on the blog, but I wanted to reintroduce myself. My name is Sweet William. I have been told by TM that I am very handsome. During the summer I love hanging out on the old ladder that my mistress hangs the pots from in front of the garage. This time of year I sneak in the house after the dogs go to bed and sit patiently in my mistress's "office" until she is done on her computer. Then I jump up in her comfy chair and sleep until morning.
I have a sister Lily that likes to spend more time outside than inside. If she can though she loves staying in the greenhouse. Here she is a few weeks ago.
I try to get along with Kit, but he has his own ideas. I still don't quite know what to think of those kittens.

 By the way, I am not the cat that moved the ribbon, moved the gifts that were already wrapped, messed up the Christmas blanket or knocked over the lamp. I was safe and out of trouble. See... I just straightened up the blanket.

Now McDuff is my buddy. He needs a little support in his "older years" and I am always keeping an eye on him and the treats he gets! I better jump off this chair and get back on my cat perch. I think I hear IEG coming back.   Sweet William

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  1. I love me some cats. I could be that crazy cat woman for a little bit. Stay warm and maybe I won't float away down here in the valley.


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