Hello, My Name is Isabelle!

My name is Isabelle. I am The Queen Feline at the home of InlandEmpireGirl. I realize since the kittens have been here, I have had to take a back seat to pictures on the blog. Believe me  I am still alive, cute, smart, photogenic, and well. I was so pleased to see my mistress pulled a lovely photo of me out of the archives today for the banner on her blog. I made it my mission in life today to pose for some cute pictures. See how I did. I posed on top of the entertainment center hoping I would look just right in the sunlight.

 My mistress put a fabric box on the washer. I just jumped in it like I did as a kitten and posed. It worked. She went and grabbed her camera telling me how cute I was.
This isn't my best side, but I was teaching "one of those kittens" the skill of walking the fence. I am going to keep trying to get some more photo opportunities. Stay tuned for more beautiful pictures of yours truly.
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