November 3rd: I Am Thankful for Annie

We have two dogs and both will get mention this month, but today I am thankful for Annie, my springer spaniel. Annie is different than any other dog I/we have had. She loves attention, but also likes quiet time in her own space for long periods of time. Sometimes I think that describes me!
 Annie is like my first springer Nikki in that she is very intuitive to my feelings. She can get all shook up when she sees I am upset. Fortunately I haven't had a meltdown recently because I think it is hard on her!  That ends up being the best thing for both of us.
 She is very obsessive. She is obsessive about squirrels in trees, kittens that join the family, and whether that is JEJ coming in through the door. She is also a comedian dog that makes you laugh. She talks to us like she has so much to say, but it does sound funny. Any time she finds an old, dirty toy outside or an empty plastic container she carries it to her favorite couch , then rolls on it. Over and over again!

Annie loves to cuddle up with me on the bed when we squeeze in a nap, she has a habit of holding out her paw for reassurance, and she loves, loves, loves her sister Shelby and all the cats. She is a terrific dog and I am glad she is mine!

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  1. How nice to hear. I love the tributes at end of life but so comforting to hear along the way. I felt that way all my life with my 2 dogs who are gone and feel that way now toward my little Gingy..


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