November 29th: Today I Am Thankful for Snow

 The snow has piled up. It has made driving difficult. It has kept people from traveling to places they wanted to go. It has slowed down football playoffs and the start of school.

 I still love snow. I love how it blankets the roses and protects them until spring. I love how it covers the weeds that didn't get pulled as Indian summer turned quickly into a cold autumn. I love how it shimmers in the sunlight with tiny diamonds dancing in the light.

The snow is here for now. It made hiking around the playground today difficult for my students. It caused a few falls as the ice settled in under the snow.

I still love snow. I love how it brings out the child in people of all ages as snowmen are built, a few snowballs are thrown, and people stand and let snowflakes touch their tongues. I love the younger children at school that waddle around at lunchtime in their snowpants knowing in a few minutes they will be flying down the steep hill on the playground once again.

More snow is predicted. The shovels, snow blowers, and plows will be out again. I still love being inside by the fire and watching snowflakes fall on the deck. I love it when the dogs race through the snow, getting buried in a pile before they are done running. I love how the cats leave little pawprints all the way down the driveway.

Yes, I love snow.


  1. Wow, makes me feel ashamed for my negative feelings towards snow!It does bring out the child within, and there is no doubt that it is beautiful, but, oh well, never mind, I am thankful, I guess, for it too.

  2. I love the wintry photos. How have you been.


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