November 20th: I Am Thankful for The Sixth Street Theater

It doesn't matter if I go to a melodrama during the summer months, a musical production in the fall, or a comedy in the spring. Every time I go to a show at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace, Idaho I am entertained. Recently I attended "Wunnerful! Wunnerful! : The Magic and Memories of the Lawrence Welk Show." Joy Persoon was the writer, director, and accompanist. She wanted to capture the memories she had of Saturday nights during her childhood complete with getting her hair rolled up, her Dad wanting popcorn with butter, and her mom swooning over her favorite stars.
My sister and her husband were brilliant as Guy Hovis and Raina English.

 SVG also got to be a Lennon Sister with her own daughter. My brother-in-law brightened up his smile as Tom Netherton.
 There were gospel songs, old standards, polkas, an accordion player, and a tribute to George M. Cohan. Here are some photos that captured the magic of the evening. I am so thankful I have the pleasure of enjoying all this talent. My nieces look beautiful in the choir or wearing their striking red dresses.

 ....and they look lovely in their old-fashioned dresses also!

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