November 17th: I Am Thankful for Patience

"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end." Margaret Thatcher 

A few days ago I received a new laptop computer in the mail. I knew if I didn't replace my "old" one soon everything would explode, implode, burn up, or just fizzle and die. These last few days have taught me patience. I love the smaller and more lightweight model. I love the shiny red color. I have spent lots of time figuring out what needs to be moved, loaded, uploaded, downloaded, put on an external hard drive, stored online, and/or dumped in the trash. I thought decluttering my paper files in August was a task!
Why do I save every document I have ever written on the hard drive? Go figure. 
Patiently I have learned new things about my new model. Patiently I have sorted documents, recipes, photos, and programs. I hope sometime soon to be able to donate my first laptop to my classroom and find everything I need on my new one.

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